Important Values Learnt During National Service

There have been many implementations and changes made for the male Singaporeans and permanent residents that will be serving their National Service (NS) in the future. The reasons for the adjustments made were to strengthen NS for forthcoming generations and to safeguard Singapore. Also, the needed alteration is to give a sense of recognition for the National-Full Time Servicemen (NSF).

Despite all of the positive modifications made, many forget that NS period is a passage of life for those who are serving. It is a crucial time for them as it will transform them to adulthood. The two years spend doing physical and vocational training is often looked upon to strengthen their body and mind.

Those trainings that the NSF went through are beneficial as they learnt important values alongside with it. The physical trainings that are demanding to their body teach them to be resilient, endurance and discipline. The times spent with other NSFs also educate them about teamwork, empathy for others and respect.

Upon reaching completion of serving the nation, the NSFs have blossomed into young men and learnt the most important value that can be taught to them during their service, which is independence. By then, they can implement all those ethics into their life and to the society.


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