Singapore’s Education System

Singapore education systems have been classified as “world leading” and it was commended in 2010 by the British education minister, Michael Gove. The balanced lifestyle that the education have incorporated between work and play along with having different types of institutions to cater to the students interests have made it possible for Singapore to reach that level. I think that our education system have allowed many of us to further succeed in life.

The balance lifestyle that the education have introduced for the students to balance out between studies and playing is a major factor for Singapore’s education success. The Minister of Education has introduced co-curricular activities for the students to participate in after school hours. This is to cater to the different types of interests that the students have. This is the time that students are able to do something that they have passion about with their friends. The CCAs does not only integrate a ‘playing’ field for the students while they are in school but also to further expand their passion. Personally, I think that this is a great way for students to have fun and focus their attention on their passion. This also allows students to develop their character. Character development cannot be learned through books but rather through learning experiences. The CCAs provides that platform and I felt that lessons learn in the CCAs are life learning lessons.

The different types of institutions that are widely available in Singapore further boost our education system to be one of the world leading. Singapore does not only provide ‘essential’ education but also other types of education that provides for the students passions such as art, sports and even fashion. Even though that this type of institutions are considered as a different path that students would usually take, our education system still take the honour to provide them. This shows that the Singapore government are able to provide for the different types of interests that the students have.

Ultimately, we should be proud that our education is considered to be one of the best in the world with students all over the world coming here to have a chance to be part of it. Although it is considered as tough, the government still put in large amount of effort in order to make the education enjoyable to all.


One thought on “Singapore’s Education System

  1. Although I am not a fan of Michael Gove, I do think that the Brits could learn a lot from other education systems. It is super important to cater to the real interests of students and not pigeon hole them into spaces and subjects that don’t motivate them. All children have talents and it is up to the parents and educators to find and nurture them.


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