Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone By J.K Rowling

Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the first novel of the Harry Potter (HP) series out of the seven books. This book follows a young boy named Harry Potter who was a young wizard. He did not know of his heritage as he was sent to live with The Dursleys after his parents was tragically murdered. After being accepted to Hogwarts on his twelve birthdays, he ventured out on an adventure that he had not imagined. He had made good friends as well as foes during his first year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. He learnt of Lord Voldemort, a dark wizard, which made him famous for living the killing curse which gave him a scar on his forehead. His tragic past was celebrated among the wizards and witches as he was known as the boy who lived and made the dark wizard to disappear on the day of the event.


My Review

The friendship forge between Harry and Ron made the plot of the book to be a fulfilling ride when reading. Ron was kind towards Harry from the beginning of the book and that made their friendship to be unique as Harry had all the wealth left from his parents while Ron had just his large family. Harry became close with Ron and his family as they were warm and welcoming. Little actions Ron made towards Harry bond their friendship to be unbreakable as from then on they would have little adventures together.


I would have to admit that Hermione’s personality was irritating and I find her to be a Miss Know It All from the start of the book. She was having problems with making friends due to her personality and the boys were not in good terms with her. She was a ‘perfect’ student who stuck by the rules, smart and a teacher’s pet. As the book progresses, her attitudes towards the boys changed and they forge friendship between them. She mostly used her organizational skills to aid the boys with their study schedule and her intelligence was an advantage during their adventures in school.


Sum Up

I would recommend this book for all ages due to the strong literary sense. I felt that the style of writing, the tone of the book and the character made the book to be enjoyable when reading. The flow was easy to read to anyone and the minor details of the book feeds the imagination of the reader.



5 Star


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