Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix By J.K Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix


Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix is the fifth novel of the Harry Potter (HP) series out of the seven books. This book continues after the tragic murder of Cedric the rise of Lord Voldemort to power that only Harry witnessed. Harry was nearly expelled from Hogwarts as he used magic to defend Dudley and himself when they were attacked by dementors. He was then visited by a group of wizards and was brought to the headquarters of the Order of Phoenix. The Order is a group of wizards, led by Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore, dedicated to defeating the dark lord and they were operating in secrecy as the Head Ministry of Magic, Fudge, were in denial of his return.


My Review

Reunited with his best friends, Hermione and Ron, they returned to Hogwarts and discovered that Dolores Umbridge, an employee of Fudge, would be their new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. She did not teach the class to perform defensive spells but rather from their textbook as the Ministry of Magic did not see any reasons for teaching them so. Before long, Fudge appointed her to be High Inquisitor of Hogwarts which gave her the authority to inspect and evaluate all faculty members. In desperation, Harry, Hermione and Ron form their own Defense Against the Dark Arts group which also known as the D.A or Dumbledore’s Army. Leading their group in confidentiality, they were challenged with many threats that were going to shut them down as well as Dumbledore.


Ministry of Magic as well as other wizards and witches showed their doubt when they were told that Lord Voldermort had risen again. Even though the reasons their dismay was because of unreliable source; Dumbledore and Harry, I can sense that it was due to intense fear that caused them to act that way. Throughout the book, Dumbledore and Harry were mocked and framed of conspiracy due to the terror of the source. I feel that it was because of the pain that once Lord Voldermort had caused the magical community still crept in their veins. Personally, the disbelief was well-written with many underlings of painful emotions experienced by many.


However, the storyline of the book was at a slower pace compared to the previous book. I felt that the story had anticlimax but with a few of parts inserted for action scenes. It had not affected my reading but the mood was drastically changed from an action-pack book to the next one which was lacking. But, the background story of the characters from the order, the rise of Lord Voldermort previously helped the readers to understand the magical world more.


Sum Up

This book had the readers to understand better of the magical community of their fears of Lord Voldermort. It provides a clear explanation of the past which was not covered in previous book like the order for such example. Potterheads would definitely appreciate the content of this book more than the previous due to J.K Rowling detailed writings.



4 Star


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