The Hobbit By J.R.R Tolkien

The Hobbit


The Hobbit is a book during ancient time between the age of Faerie and the dominion of men that told the adventures of a hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. He was tricked by a wizard, Gandalf the Grey, into hosting a party for Thorin and his group of dwarfs. They seek his guidance to win back their precious treasures from the dragon, Smaug, who had been terrorizing Thorin’s kingdom. They encountered many obstacles along the way such as trolls, kidnapped by elves, and almost eaten alive by spiders! This epic journey had proven Bilbo to be an asset to the company and it had changed his year to be an exciting one.


My Review

This book had created a new world for the readers to immerse themselves in. The description of different races; Hobbits, Dwarfs, Wizards, Elves, Trolls and others were able to feed the readers imagination and portrayed the characters into their minds. The maps of their journey to Thorin’s castle were fine and detailed and it gave the readers the aura of the setting of the book. The songs and folk tales included in the story had also give the reader a better understanding of the quest the companions were going through.

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At times, I felt that this book was monotonous at certain parts and it was difficult to continue reading on. The journey of the companionship at the starting of the book was rather dry as it were mostly descriptive of the change of scenery and lack of food and water that mostly disturbed Bilbo as hobbits tend to eat much more. The lack of action in the beginning part of the book did make me wanting to stop reading the book at times.


Sum Up

In conclusion, J.R.R Tolkien had managed to indulge the reader to be immersed in this new world with just a book. It is proven difficult for a writer to be able to do so with just a book but he managed to execute it exceptionally well. His writing may have many revisions due to past mistakes due to publication and partly on himself but I still find the book to be of a great quality to the English reading world. I find that the younger audience would find not able to grasp the concept of this book due to its complexity.

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4 Star


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