Life As I Know Of

There are many times in life that one would wonder if he is merely existing or living his life. For myself, I had this question in mind for countless times as I felt that I am not doing extraordinary with the life that is presented to me. I witnessed many out there that are simply having their time or making a difference in ways that they can. As long as I could remember, I had no significant memory that I could be proud of to tell to others. It had been school, work and family.

Although, I could argue that there are significant in my life as I had loving family that I would not trade. The only answer that popped in my head is that I, or rather many of us have been comparing our lives with others in terms with what we see on the social media. This would always make us to be unhappy as we deemed that we lived a normal life while others are living theirs to the fullest.

Most of us forget that we are merely comparing a fraction with what they shared with us and their ‘life’ may not be simply what it portray in their social media. We are too busy caught up with others that we forget to cherish and enjoy the small moments that we are having in our own. Wanting or trying to achieve more for you is always a good thing, but the desire to have it due to others defeat the purpose entirely.

I have been trying new activities and pushing the boundaries as I test myself with experiencing life. This is not the effect of wanting it from others, but for me as I do feel that it is time to try and enjoy life that I personally see fit. All of this had definitely made me grow and learn qualities that I did not think I am capable of. This is the life that I know by now.


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