Jackie By John Tammela


I got in contact with the author, John Tammela, and I was given the book in exchange of an honest review.


Jackie was an average kid growing up in a Finnish household in Niagara Falls, Canada in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. He had two older brothers, Eric, who “picked on him”, Armie, who was great at building forts and battle games and an older sister called Liisa, who was a bit too keen on “schooling” him.

In this true story, you can join Jackie on his adventures as he deals with the pains of growing up, from the terrors of the school nurse to the pangs of his first crush with a good few snowball fights thrown in for good measure. Well, after all, it is Canada the land of ice and snow!


My Review

Jackie was a sweet and fun character to read about and there were many experiences that he went through in Niagara Falls. His story was mostly centred among his siblings that he looked up to and had fun with. The personality that Jackie brought in the book was alive to the readers as they were constantly reminded of their childhood experiences. I felt that I was reliving the moments with him and being excited as a little boy again.

love eyes

The chapters in the book were lengthy and it does made reading it to be little tedious at times. There were elaborations that do not seem to give reading the book a good flow. At times, I felt the parts of the chapters were dull to continue reading on. It all made the experience to be less enjoyable as there were parts that did not managed to have a proper conclusion.


Sum Up

The book is detailed and slow at times when reading it. At times, the flow of the book was inconsistent due the style of writing. Even though, the characters in the book showed innocence and purity that allowed the readers to be memorized with them. Jackie is suitable for readers who want to relive their childhood memories and being able to feel young again.



3 Star


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