Atlantis Rising By Gloria Craw



Having grown up as an orphan, the only family Alison has ever known is the McKyes and she loved them since they had adopted her when she was younger. She knows that she was different from others as she had perfect memories, can push her thoughts into others and being warned three years ago confirm her suspicions. She had to protect her family by living in invisibility as she does not want to endanger their lives after all this while. But what happened when two new transfer students kept on wanting to hang out with her since the start of the school year. Who are they and what do they want?

cat reading

My Review

Allison being a wallflower her entire existence just to protect her family and trying to let life pass by had a difficult time adjusting when finding out that her race, Atlantians, was depending on her to stop the madness of mass murder and the possibility of extinction. The guidance she received from Ian and Brandy with others gave them hope of possibly being alive in the end. The personal growth and her character development was profoundly good transformation. The beliefs systems that blossom her into a better individual had the story to be catastrophically great along with life lessons of friendship, trust and perseverance.

Last Paragraph

The build up to the final showdown was intense to read but the final scene itself felt to be lacking. I felt that it was all too simple after all the great build to the finale and all I read was a couple of chapters that was not filled with actions and emotions. It was quiet disappointing as I expect more from the fight with Sebastian along Ian and Brandy.

5th paragraph

Sum Up

I love the new concept from the Island of Atlantis as the story itself brings a new light to the always written subject. The flow of events and growth of characters in the book was great for the readers to indulge in. It is easy to read and the plot was intense from the beginning of the book itself. The values input from the book which was trust, friendship and strength were all valuable for the readers as well.

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4 Star


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