Season Of The Witch By Mariah Fredericks



Queen Bee Chloe is going to make Toni suffer for whatever transpired between Toni and Chloe’s boyfriend, Oliver, over the summer. From day one of eleventh grade, she has Toni branded as a super slut, and it isn’t long before things get so ugly that Toni fears for her safety. What’s a scared, powerless, and fed-up teenager to do?

Guided by Cassandra—a girl with some serious problems of her own—Toni decides to stop playing the victim and take control. Cassandra has been experimenting with witchcraft, and together they cast a spell on Chloe that may actually cause her death. Could Toni have really made such an awful thing happen?


My Review

Toni and Cassandra friendship which started out as something weird blossomed into an anchor for each of them to lean on. They had based their friendship on bad sequence of events that they had no one to talk about. Even their connection was strong that it allowed them to instantaneously know what was on each other’s mind. The relationship that they had based on was significant in the book as each of them taught one another values such as trust, compassion and opening up by the end of the book.


The bullying in this book was graphic for the readers when reading the scenes. It was not just about empty threats given by the teens but there was definitely physical assault at play. The bathroom scene when Toni was beaten up was particularly detailed and it does felt to be rather too much. However, I felt that the writer had done a great job in this as it made the readers to be in Toni’s situation whenever she got bullied and it had made a strong stand of bullying too.


Sum Up

The book does not have witchcraft in most of the parts but rather important moments and values that taught the readers. The bully should not suffer the dire consequences of being dead but rather a right one. The book was easy to read with great flow from one chapter to the other. The characters were interesting with good back story that allowed the readers to picture them well. It is recommended for those who want to find story about unexpected friendship.



4 Star


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