King Solomon’s Wives: Enemies By Holly McDowell

Book Cover


Episode Four of McDowell’s King Solomon’s Wives series.

Yasemin is only fifteen in this life, but as a descendant of King Solomon’s ancient harem, she has generations of knowledge and memories from the Mothers that came before her. Her Mothers were leaders of their clan, hardened by the difficult choices necessary for keeping their sisters safe. Every woman in her line has succumbed to the same fate, even committing torture and murder in the name of protecting the clan.

Yasemin doesn’t want to follow in their footsteps. She doesn’t want power or to lead or to hurt anyone. And that works just fine for a while. But now her sisters across the world are going missing—stolen away one by one. They are being taken by an ancient enemy who call themselves Hunters, men who use the addictive touch of these women for all they’re worth before killing them off.

When the leader of Yasemin’s own clan goes missing, it’s up to Yasemin to step into the role she was born to hold. Because if she doesn’t, two-thousand women and the hundreds of generations that came before them will disappear…for good.


My Review

I received this book from NetGalley for an honest feedback.

I am in love with the cover of this book and it give a mysterious aura to the setting. The book is fast-paced and it never fails to keep me on edge. Even though this book is a part of a series, I am able to easily able to read this without knowing the prior knowledge of the previous book. The character development of Yasemin throughout this book was great as she was able to overcome her fears of becoming a leader. She evolved into her own person as a result of not wanting to become like her mothers whom ruled the clans with torturous way.


However, I feel that this book was separated into two different parts, and I feel disconnected while reading it. The first part was all about Verda and how she was in control of the different clans. She was the ‘leader’ and was trying to find the others who were kidnapped. In the second part, Yasemin was able be daring and take charge of the situation for herself and the Athens clan. She managed to escape Verda’s authority and it seemed that there was no follow up on that. I’m not sure if Verda was aware that Yasemin helped with the rescue and it seemed like the story is a different plot since then.


Sum Up

The readers would be able to enjoy great character development with intensified plot in this book. It is easy to read with great moments that will just make your heart race. This book would be recommended for those who loves action books with an added fantasy twist in it.

tv in your head


5 Star


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