Somewhere In Time (Part 2)

Do you remember how nervous we got for our new school?

We were just as excited and nervous to begin an unfamiliar journey for the next four years of our life. I remembered how terrifying the first day was but we managed to get it through. Our orientation camp was such a blast and we ended up making many new friends.  As great as they were, we would never replaced our old companions. We were starting our teenage years together and only heavens knew how crazy it was.

Do you remember when we told each other our crushes?

We were just in our second year and our hormones were all over the place. We were in a group of friends whom we knew since primary school. We always hang around each other and helped one another through tough times. I remembered when you asked me if I liked this girl in our group.  I tried to deny the fact but I blushed hard and you knew the truth. I had been crushing on her since primary school.

As for you, I remembered that you were heads over heels for this dark and handsome senior. Eventually words got out and we were embarrassed that they knew the truth. We promised each other that we would start anew and forgot everything that just happened.

Do you remember the first time I had you all to myself?

Our group of primary school friends were broken as we went to different classes. It was the first time for us to be separated as we had been together since we were ten. As terrifying as it was, we knew that we could depend on each other at all times. It was also the first time that I had you all to myself.

Do you remember the time when I fell for you?

We were first given our mobile phone later than other teenagers at our age. We were just fifteen then and we would constantly texted one another. Now, I did not have to pretend to be a girl just to speak to you over the phone. Late night text and calls were all I looked forward to during long weekends.

Do you remember how stressful it was during our final year?

Our examinations were at the end of the year and we had a year to prepare for it. It was torturous and we had to burn midnight oil just to keep our heads above water. I recalled the first time I introduced a radio station to you. We would often listen to the station while studying at our own home. Late night texts and calls from you were the only company I had as others were fast asleep.

Do you remember when I confessed my love to you?

You were enchanting, magical and captivating young woman. I was stuck in a limbo where I knew that I did not want to lose you. I was in love with this beautiful lady right before my eyes for all these years. I remembered the night when I texted you to listen to our radio station.  I called in and dedicated a song to you. I confessed my love through the radio station which made your heart fluttered.

To Be Continued… 


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