Somewhere In Time (Part 3)

Do you remember when you asked for a break up?

I felt as if my heart were torn out and stepped on when you asked the question. I felt betrayed and lost during the time. I was mad with how I was treated and we were not on speaking terms. It was the talk of the school as they wanted to know what happened between us.

As mad as we were at each other, I remembered that we would still showed our affection during that period. As time passed, one of our friends had enough with our shit. We were forced to speak with each other and within minutes we started laughing. Then, we promised to never let that kind of silliness affected our friendship.

Do you remember the first time we went onto different path?

Our secondary school lives speed through and we began a new journey afterwards.  We got back our results and decided to study different subjects at different school. It was daunting at first when I was separated from you. It was a whole new environment for us but we were excited with what the future now holds.

Do you remember the time when we dated someone else?

We were both in our first year in our new school and we started to find interest in others. It was funny that we promised to meet our dates just to know if the person was right for us. I remembered when you met mine and you were up in her ass. I did the same for yours and we decided that our dates were just not meant to be.

Do you remember when I surprised you on your birthday?

We had the tradition of calling each other during the night so that we could be the first person to wish. The tradition we had since we first met was broken so that I could surprised you on the actual day.  I threw a birthday party at your place with the help of your friend and family.

Your friends told me how crushed you were that I had not wished you yet. Your mother asked me to hide in your room before you reached home. You were taken aback and I remembered the look on your face when I came out singing happy birthday.  It was pure ecstasy and you mentioned that it was the best day you ever had.

Do you remember when you surprised me at the airport?

I went to South Korea for two weeks with my school for an exchange programme. You made a pact with my family and surprised me at the airport when I landed. I was thrilled to see you as we had not spend much time with each other then. You went back to my place and we had lunch with my family.

Do you remember the necklace I gave you?

I bought a white gold necklace for you. You told me how much you would love for someone to give you one. I spent quite a hefty amount of money on the necklace and it was definitely worth it. You were left speechless with the gift and your eyes sparkled looking at it. I placed it around your neck and I felt that the necklace did not do you justice.

To Be Continued… 


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