Somewhere In Time (Part 4)

Do you remember how I confessed to you afterwards?

After giving you the necklace, I poured my heart to you again. I was in love with you ever since I had you all to myself and I intended for things to be that way. I could not forget the enchanting smiles you had that just brighten my day. I could not forget how silky your hair felt against my hand and how wonderful it smelled. I could not forget you at all.

Your eyes tear and you spoke with a heavy heart. You said that life was cruel and filled with disappointment. You just could not bear the thought of having me because it was selfish. The reason was tragic as you had to be married at an early age.

Do you remember how I came to you during my darkest time?

Even though the universe was cruel and our fate was sealed, we were still showed our love towards each other. I felt alone in the world and all my problems seemed to be pulling onto me. I had been going through a lot and I was ready to release myself to the sweet calling of death. But I remembered confessing to you about it. You begged me to calm down and you talked to me throughout the entire night. We were sobbing on the phone with the hopes that I would not be able to do something so stupid. You were there for me during the time when I need you the most.

Do you remember the time when you told me you had a boyfriend?

We were having our dinner together when you told me about him. I was shock to hear it but I kept my cool. I was happy that you had found someone who would be able to love you. He would be able to provide for more than I could ever have. I was genuinely happy that you had finally found your one.

Do you remember when you broke our birthday tradition?

I was overseas during the point of time but I knew that I had to continue on with this tradition of birthday calls we had. I called you exactly during midnight and my calls were rejected even though I had informed you. Finally, I dropped you a text wishing you a great birthday which you only replied me three days after.

I remembered waiting for your call at midnight during my time but I was just met with disappointment. Morning came and no calls either. I was feeling doubtful and I felt that you had forgotten about my day. I was right when my day ended and I had not received anything from you at all. Days, weeks and months had passed since my birthday and I still had not received my wish.

Do you remember the last time we talked?

I was supposed to attend your graduation ceremony but I could not do so because of school. I was down that I was not there for your big day. I called to congratulate you for achieving your diploma. We had such a good conversation for more than an hour and it was a walk down the memory lane. At the end of the phone call, we wished each other to have a good night ahead. Maybe I should cherish that phone call more because that was the last time we talked. Afterwards, the only text I got was ‘Thanks!’ for the birthday wish.

The End…


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