Unmasked (The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation #3) By L.J Smith



Love is the most powerful force of all…

Elena Gilbert is dying. When Damon Salvatore avenged his brother Stefan’s death, he broke the sacred deal he’d made with the Guardians—and put Elena’s life at risk.

She should be dead, but instead, the Guardians are offering Elena a once-in-a-lifetime chance: to start over. Ever since she met the Salvatore brothers, Elena’s love for them both has caused endless death and destruction. But if Elena can return to the beginning—her senior year of high school, when she first met Damon and Stefan—and prove that she can exist alongside them without either of them killing a human, then Elena can live.

But the Damon of years ago is unpredictable, rash, and dangerous. The only way for Elena to save everyone—including herself—might be to give up the Salvatores forever. Will Elena be able to sacrifice her own desires for the greater good? Or is her path to tragic love already written in the stars?


My Review

The plot and storyline really intrigued me when reading this particular book. It provided a different stand point from Elena’s as she was trying to save herself as well as the Salvatore brothers. The concept of love was unique as the book developed as she thought that she was supposed to make Damon fall in love with her where in reality, she was supposed to make the brothers realized their love for each other. The whole reality of her trying to save not only them but also others makes the book much more realistic.


However, Damon classic bad boy character in this book was considered dull for me. It seemed to be a total cliché when reading his part as Elena was trying to stop him from committing his first murder in her town. I felt that they had covered most of it in previous book and it was becoming boring for the readers to read the same writing all over again.


In all, the fresh storyline compelled the readers to continue on reading the book. It was different from the other books in the series and I felt that the mission given to Elena was a strong point for her to determine a better future for all of them. It was nostalgic to read back in time when most of the characters were full of innocence and purity. I would recommend this book to the fan of The Vampire Diaries TV show and book as I felt that the book gave a proper closure to the series.



5 Star


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