Going Out Of My Comfort Zone

2016; I wanted to make sure that I do this year right. I knew the fact that having resolutions at the start of the year might be good for some but it was not for me. Instead of just writing it down or just wishing upon the high heaven, I wanted to take actions. To act out on what I always wanted to accomplish in my life. This year, I decided that I will try my best to do what I always wanted.

Being in my comfort zone had always been my priority especially when I was first diagnosed with my mental illness. I felt safe when I am in my bubble where I knew that nothing bad can happen. There are things that I have always wanted to try but I was too caught up in the safety net. There were instances where I wanted to go for new experience but I was afraid of doing so. Parents, financial constraints and insecurities were part of the reasons why I was not confident in pursuing it forward.

So, this year, I have decided that instead of just moping around and give various excuses for my lack of actions, I will go ahead. Despite of  any situation that I am in, I know that I need to proceed on with doing what I want and take a plunge into the deep sea.

After all, I should be living my life cause I might not know when it  would end.


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