The Shadow Artist By James Grayson



Alex Winter, a young CIA agent and brilliant artist, is on assignment in London when she is confronted with a startling sight—the father she’s believed dead for over twenty years. He subsequently scuttles her mission, leaving her out in the cold and disappearing once again, but this time Alex has the tools to follow.

Possessing an eidetic memory, one that allows her to draw her experiences with photographic precision, Alex also has advanced trade-craft training gained in a special CIA program—the one created by her father. Now Alex must navigate a battlefield of spies, face hard truths about The Company and her place in it, and uncover the international scandal at the centre of it all: a stolen billion dollars.

Step by step, Alex is pulled deeper into a twisting labyrinth of corrupt high finance and global espionage, where she will need to employ every talent she possesses in order to find her father … and save herself.


My Review

I received this book from NetGalley for an honest feedback.

Reading this book had many unexpected turns from page to page. I love the fact that the book was suspenseful and there was so many shocking moments while reading it. Alex is the definition of a strong independent woman and she showed that character countless of times in the book. The fact that her father was still alive after all this time was an eye opener for the readers to even learn about it.


Sum Up

While the book does have it slow moments at times, I felt that it was necessary to tone it down as it was filled with actions most of the time. It is a fast paced book but at the same time it provided the readers with a better understanding of Alex’s situation due to that slow moments. Overall, I find this book to be a great read.

giphy (3)


4 Star



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