Life Just Keeps On Moving

Things change, and friends leave, and life doesn’t stop for anybody

Stephen Chbosky

I felt a sense of familiarity when I first read this resounding words. It was as if the quote hits home in my heart. I could not explain how this impacted my outlook especially when I read it during the lowest point of my life.

You know that when you’re drowning, and you’re trying your best not to open your mouth until the last moment? Your reflex would eventually kicked in but you have more time to fight your way to the surface and to be rescued. But at the same time, you’re in agonising pain and your head felt like bursting.

While survival is worth the little agony, you might just wondered what if it’s bad now and hell later. Then your closed ones would asked you to think about something Winston Churchill once said – “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

Now, that was the situation that I was in before. But instead of others telling me not to give up, I had no one. No one at all.

It was not as if I did not tried my best to reach out to someone. My bottled up feelings definitely did not do me well. But when I tried to do so, there seemed to be no one around. Those friends I had seemed to be mere strangers in my life during that point of time. I did tried to tell them but they were uninterested. They told me to get over it or their intentions seemed to be untrue. They wanted to know for the sake of their curiosity, and not for the care and concern of my well being.

As for my family, they treated me in a different manner. The stares I received and the quiet whispers at home were an indication that I was a witted flower waiting for the inevitable. They were unsure of what they can do or how they can help.

During this, I noticed how quickly my life had changed and how much I was missing out on living. The friends that once I had had left during my darkest time and my family seemed to be helpless. In all my sorrows and troubles I encountered, life just moves on and doesn’t stop for me.


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