Happy 1st Year Anniversary

Today marks the day of the 1st Year Anniversary with WordPress! I am delighted that through all these times, I managed to keep this blog for a year.

This blog started out to be about book reviews and editorials. But as times went on, I decided that I wanted to venture out and post new things. I am someone who is personal about my private life so it was a big step for me to post on my thoughts. I felt that it would be an intrusion to mention about it on the internet especially when one can find it. It was definitely a roller-coaster ride to share my battles with my followers as I did not know how the reaction would be. But, I can only say that my followers are extremely supportive which I am grateful for.

I only began to publish my creative writings at a much later time which was the end of last year. I was not confident of how good my writings were because I am scared of letting others to read it. It has always been an issue as I feel that my writings are not as good as the many talented writers out there. I don’t think that I am anywhere near their level but I am working on it. Thus, slowly publishing my writings on this blog had allowed me to learn.

With that all said, I would like to thank each and every single one of you who had visited my blog. It has been truly a magical experience for me so far. Here’s to many more years to come!



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