Let’s Talk About Privilege

From my previous post, I talked about generalization that Millennial received from the Older Generation. The perception one had about the entire generation just from reading the articles is simply ridiculous. I mentioned that I am not what the labels – lazy, entitled, and privileged – said because I am more than that. My lifestyle does not equate me to be called those names as I work hard for what I want, I did not just received it on a silver platter.

Coming from a lower income family, I know that my father was working hard to raise his five children. We were not ‘poor’ but we had enough to sustain us day by day. We have a place to call home and we have food on the table to eat. We even managed to go to school with the financial assistance we received. I considered myself to be lucky as compared to those who had it worse.

However, the reality is that there are lots of Millennial that have certain privilege which entitled them for an ‘easy’ life. Those who get what they want because of their status, financial security and even ‘fame’. I am not undermining them by saying that they have no absolute obstacles in their life but they have privilege that others do not.

It is frustrating to see that some of them take their privilege for granted. They need to know that some of us struggle with our basic needs such as food, water, shelter, clothing and education. We are not able to obtain these necessities for our everyday life due to our background. We are taught to be thankful for what we have and we strived for the best so that our future can be brighter.

I am actually thankful for where I came from as being in the situation had taught me many valuable lessons. I am aware that by not having those privilege had equipped me to be self-sufficient. It had taught me to be more empathetic of others who are in a worse situation than I am. I learned that despite of the circumstances, my greatest accomplishments will make me prouder than I could ever be as I sailed the seven seas to reach there.

To the privilege kids: don’t look down on us just because we are not at your level. We are as human as you are. Just because we come from a different background, it does not mean that we are not destined for greatness.



4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Privilege

  1. I was born in 1981, which put me in the cusp of Gen X and the Millennial Generation. I can remember when I was a teenager people always talked about how Gen X was a bunch of slackers who would never amount to anything. They will undoubtedly criticize and pigeonhole every generation. But the truth is, we’re individuals and no one can predict how our life will turn out based on what year we were born. We determine that ourselves.

    Interesting post!

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting! Its a cycle of how the older generation will keep on critisizing the younger ones no matter what. I am quite sure that my generation will do that to the younger ones in thr future.

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