As I stare at my reflection,
It looked right back at me.
Criticizing all of my imperfection,
That anyone else seemed to oversee.

Hair too thick and ugly,
Eyebrows are too sparse and thin.
Crooked stained teeth are yucky,
Making me conscious each time I grin.

Body is the definition of pathetic,
As I assess what it really mean.
No need to be sympathetic,
It is not the body you see on screen.

Just skin and bones with no definition,
There is nothing more than I can say.
Covering it up through all condition,
Not wanting for others to look my way.

Wishing I could be more confident,
Like those men in the magazine.
Maybe then I will be competent,
No longer would I be so mean.


19 thoughts on “Mirror

      • Exactly!…And our media promotes the idea that if we don’t look like airbrushed androids we need to buy expensive products and surgeries that don’t change anything. We waste our precious lives in a state of media induced envy that deprives us of the ability to see that we are worthy just as we are.

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      • You spoke the absolute truth about our media. Its how they portray image that affects how we see ourselves. The constant strive of being perfection is driving the self esteem down for many out there.

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      • What makes it so cruel is that the media induces a sense of inferiority over being normal.

        Yes, there are people who are gifted with extraordinary physical grace and beauty.

        But age is a great equalizer when it comes to the body.

        What counts is the mind…

        And in that sense, Stephen Hawking is one of the great beauties of our time.


  1. I agree, the media posts a perfect picture which people start to believe is the norm. It’s not even beautiful anymore but bc they keep on portraying it everywhere unconsciously it becomes a norm
    For many. Everyone has good and bad features – find your good ones and focus on those rather then the bad ones- fix the ones you can but love yourself for you. There is only one of each of us – truly unique 😊

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  2. Wonderful post! We are much too self critical, based on what the media ‘says’ we should be. But being different and unique, that’s what makes us special πŸ™‚ “Perfect” is impossible to live up to. Take care, Izrael! Jenny

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