Night Changes

I used to be a happy kid back then,
But now, can’t seemed to remember when.
The changes that set inside me,
Killing away all of the glee.

Lively as I was ever be,
I was running wild and free.
Family and friends surrounded,
Being joyful was all that mattered.

Faking smiles which won me an Emmy,
No one notices the performance was empty.
Convincing enough for all the others,
Sadly; it even fooled my mother.

Too long I suffered in the Hell-Fire,
Leading to the consequences undesired.
Trying to be what I was before,
It is much harder that I swore.


5 thoughts on “Night Changes

  1. This poem is beautiful and I relate so much to it-like COMPLETELY. This describes my life as well as yours, I am sad we are united by pain but at least we don’t have to face our pain alone 🙂 Lottie

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    • I guess pain and suffering does unite lots of souls together. Through the experience, I hope that we can go through it and help each other out with the painful journey we are embarking on. Much love ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • You seem like a lovely guy, from what I have seen and read, and I am sure we can help and support each other a great deal 🙂 Lottie

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