A Letter To My Future Girlfriend

Dear Future Girlfriend,

I want you to know that you don’t have to be like those girls in the magazines. It’s your heart and personality that matters to me. In the end, it’s not the physical attributes that will make us last but it’s your inner beauty that makes me blush.

I might not be the one that you desired or looking for. Even if you are with me, I hope that you would still adore. My looks and body may seem pathetic but I’ll make it work, praying that it makes me worth.

I’m fine with watching movies that you like but don’t make me watch Science-Fiction movie then we are fine. I would rather watch Romantic Comedies but I know our love is not going to be what is portrayed on screen. You can watch it together with me but don’t laugh when I tear during an emotional scene.

Just know that I am not good at dating or relationships. This is my first time being it in. I will make mistakes and I will ask for forgiveness. But I understand that you don’t accept when I am being a big jerk.

Please note that I will be awkward to those that I desired. I feel that touching you is forbidden in the code of honour. My parents taught me to never touch a lady whom I want to have a future with.

Know that I want to you to be my one and only. Hoping that we can make it till eternity. Maybe I am just an old-fashion man who wants his love to forever stand.

Love Always,
Your Future Boyfriend


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