Nightly Thoughts

Have you ever wondered how your life turn out to be this way?
Was it the steps that you had taken or was it a total coincidence.
For something must have happened for you to be right here.
Was it fate or was it the direction you were heading.

They say that you will find your way in life.
You will find your purpose for your continued existence.
But is there a point in this?
Just living, day-to-day, not knowing.   

 Which made me wonder the meaning of life.
Are we supposed to leave a mark in this world?
So that other could remember us when we are gone.
Or perhaps for the continuity of our kind.

 Living each day to the fullest,
For you will never know when is your last.
Or waste it if you might,
For who am I to judge.

 For I am here still figuring things out.
What is the purpose that God granted me this life?


2 thoughts on “Nightly Thoughts

  1. That question is supposed to last your whole life to find an answer to. I think we find the right answer the day we die. It’s the searching for the answer that is life.

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