We live in a society where labels are consistently used to put people in categories so that one can easily box them up together. Not only that, but people also conform to these stereotypes that place them in those boxes so that they have a place in this society. A place that they could be comfortable, a place that they would feel a sense of belonging, a place that conforms to their ideas.

Recently, the question that I was asked the most is about my sexuality. This all boils down to the fact that I did not submit to neither of the community. People wanted to know for the sake of having a sense of idea about who I am and to put me in a box that belongs to all those concepts.

I don’t comply to the typical heterosexual male behaviours that society tends to place an idea about. Some of my attributes even contradict the fact that I am a straight male which others tend to question about even when I gave them the confirmation that I am. At times, it can get infuriating that they question who I am or try to place me in an abstract notion that they believe is right.

Labels that others try to put me on for their own understanding can be exhaustive. Trying to always prove a point wrong about yourself when you don’t need to can be damaging to your self-image and confidence. At times, I just wished to have the characteristics of a traditional heterosexual male so that they need not question. It would have been easier, it would have been better, it would have been simpler.

However, there is nothing that I could do that could make them change their perception of an ordinary straight male. As if I were to change my traits, it would be a betrayal of who I am and the journey that it took me to reach here today. Thus, all I am doing right now when they question my sexuality is to live by this quote: People are going to label you. It’s how you overcome those labels. That’s what matters. – One Tree Hill (Brooke Davis).


16 thoughts on “Labels

  1. People like to give labels and put a person into a “box” or a “pigeon hole” because it make them feel comfortable. It has nothing to do with the person they are labelling. They just want to feel comfortable themselves. Stay true to yourself. You’ll be alright. Interesting post that raises good questions.

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  2. Don’t give in to what they say. Let them think what they want. Ultimately, what matters is if you are satisfied with the person you have become, and whether you are kind and humble person to the world. People often have so much to work on, on themselves. Yet, they nitpick what they think is “wrong” with other people.

    P.S. Brooke Davis is my favorite character.

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  3. Good quote. The people who wants to label other people are so uninteresting. They actually say more about themselves than the people they wish to label even if they don’t get that they reveal themselves.

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    • That is one thing I discovered when I got judged by others. It’s a revelation about themselves rather than what they think about me. It does not determine who I am as a person but it is who they are instead. Thank you for the comment Anna. Much love. 🙂

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