Every Muslims thought on the terror organisation; ISIS

In this currently day and age, we always heard something negative each time we turn up the news. Just in the last week of May 2017, there are a significant amount of occasions when a terror attacks happened such as the Kabul bombing, Manchester attack, Jakarta suicide-bombing and the latest tragedy; Resort World Manila attack. Having four terror attacks in one week showed the amount of hatred that mankind has towards their own kind.

Unsurprisingly, all these attacks were claimed by members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). The terror organisation is responsible for 143 attacks in 29 countries which have killed 2,043 victims as of 13 February 2017 since they announced their caliphate in June 2014. The power that ISIS has over the world is truly terrifying that just mentioning their name can be heart-wrenching.

Unfortunately, the organisation branded themselves under Islam and promoting their actions as an act of the holy war. The war that they are trying to accomplish by banishing those who they deemed to be unholy to Allah and the prophet Muhammad. Thus, their actions itself have destroyed much innocence.

However, let it be known to the world that Muslims condone ISIS. Their actions and beliefs do not align with the rest of us. We, Muslims, know that they are filled with hatred. Their animosity is so intense that they thought their make-believe morals and values are right. When in fact, the religion did not preach such teachings to their followers. No religion in this world has such violence lessons as a religion is for the people to become a better embodiment of themselves.

Muslims do suffer the most in the actions of ISIS terror attacks. Their reputation is tainted by terrorism and the fear that the world has on Islam. Mostly, the prejudice that comes from the Western News Corporation in reporting this terrorism news. The discrimination against Muslims can even be seen with the Muslim Ban that President Donald Trump incorporated in January 2017.

Additionally, The United Nations (UN) reported in March 2016 that approximately 82 to 97 percent of Muslims are the victims of these terror attacks. At least 24,015 casualties were reported dead or injured in the first eight months of 2014 in Iraq. These numbers are not including the other neighbouring countries that are currently in the ISIS rule such as Syria, Yemen and Libya. These staggering numbers are usually not reported in the news as most news cooperation deemed it insignificant to their audience due to the far proximity from their country.

Hence, Muslim’s reputation has deteriorated due to ISIS’s imaginary holy war against the world. ISIS terror attacks have profoundly impacted the world safety and the reputation of Islam and Muslim. This is the time that people around the world need to come together as one to combat against terror attacks and these terror organisations. We need to show that united, we are stronger than these imposters. With that, this quote serves as a reminder to us all about terrorism: terrorism has no religion, terrorists have no religion, and they are friends to no religion – Manmohan Singh.


17 thoughts on “Every Muslims thought on the terror organisation; ISIS

      • I think this post has successfully done that my friend. I come from London, U.K. And right now it’s a sad phase down here with 3 attacks in the last 2 months. So I do appreciate posts like this that share light and truth on such a delicate yet catastrophic dilemma.

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      • Thank you again for your kind words of affirmation. This is only what I could hope for in posting such controversial topic in this time of darkness. Much love ❤

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