My Bucket List

Bucket List.

Definition: Some experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

As the description stated, a bucket list is when someone lists out their hopes that they would want to achieve before they are oblivion to the world. It is rather cliché that we, as humans, need to list out the things we want to achieve in this lifetime but as cliché as it is, it is a necessity. It is an obligation for us to pen it down as we often get lost in the business of life, a hectic schedule that at times we are required to do rather than want to do as this is the nature of living. Thus, with that mentioned, this is mine bucket list.

I want to list out all the things that I would hope to accomplish some day. List of experiences that I know would be worth every penny that I am saving for especially when I am a frugal person. Hence, this is it:

  1. Published a book before I turn the age of 30.
  2. Go for a short overseas trip by myself.
  3. Travel to a foreign country with a group of close friends.
  4. Go backpacking with my younger brother.
  5. Start to gain some weight.
  6. Work overseas for a time.
  7. Continue studying to pursue my master’s
  8. Go skydiving.
  9. Try surfing.
  10. Go bungee jumping.
  11. Waterfall diving and canyoneering.
  12. Hike a mountain to the summit.
  13. Obstacle course.
  14. Zip line.
  15. Rock climbing.
  16. Extreme Swing.
  17. Perform live in front of an audience.
  18. Fly in the hot air balloon.
  19. Visit Venice.
  20. Attend a carnival.
  21. Try the Spartan Race.
  22. Finish the Marathon.
  23. Attend any type of festival.
  24. Abseil down a waterfall.
  25. Explore my small country – Singapore.

I do hope that I would be able to achieve the things I list out above. I will be adding things in the future and with updates on the things that I have done. I do hope that this list can be the beginning of me living life to the fullest.

Now, what are some of the things that you want to do?


18 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. It is funny that we have a few items that are the same and a couple that are completely opposite. Your number 5 is to gain weight while I want to lose some! I always wanted to skydive but now with my age and health, it isn’t possible so I would be happy if you thought of me when you are up there enjoying the view! With your No. 13, are you referring to a Ninja course? (I see you have Spartan down there too) I love both of them. I think my entry would be to train for a day with an American “Ninja” competitor.

    Anyway, I think this is a great list and I hope you are able to do many of the items on it! Thanks for sharing!

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    • I do need to gain weight as I am unhealthy thin for my height. Plus, I just want to fell fit and strong which is why I wanted to try out the Spartan race. I will definitely be thinking of you when I am skydiving one day. Much love ❤

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